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The method of solving the bad ball of stainless steel castings
Dec 22, 2017

The main reason is that the stainless steel castings in the normal reaction of the ball if the number of alloys is not enough, this will produce this undesirable phenomenon, in addition to a number of reasons, such as: the addition of the ball agent suitable, but the molten iron in the sulfur content is higher, the molten iron is oxidized magnesium content caused by the loss of the ball agent content and other reasons.


①, to ensure that the amount of the ball agent to add enough;

②, to ensure that the stainless steel castings in the normal reaction when the number of alloys must be appropriate;

③, we should strictly control the sulfur content of the original molten iron, and choose low sulfur pig iron;

④, increase the absorption rate of the ball agent, try to prevent the burning loss of magnesium.

The failure of the ball is the reason that affects the precision of the stainless steel castings, so it is very important to find the method to be used better.

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